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  1. My father’s family lived in Winnipeg from about 1913 to 1923. In 1999 I contacted Irma Penn who was so kind and located the addresses where my family lived. Both were empty lots at the time. She also took time to find and photograph the grave stone of my g-grandmother Ginnendel Freedland at the HSBA and of my late uncle Morris Freedland, at the Shaarey Zedek Cemetery. Unfortunately, I have lost the photograph of Ginnendel’s grave stone. Is it possible that someone would have a copy or be able to take a photo of her grave stone.

    In addition, I have written to the proper government address for a copy of her death certificate. They wrote that they have nothing. Morris died in 1912 or 13. Ginnendel died in 1923. It seems strange that they have the info on Morris but not on Ginnendel.

    Is there anyone who can help me?

    Brenda Freedland Pangborn

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