Sid Chapnick has been a Temple Shalom Congregant since 1998. He has been the temple’s volunteer webmaster since 2008 maintaining the websiteTwitter page,  and Facebook page. Recently retired, Sid is a graduate of the Florence Melton Adult Mini School and self professed computer geek. You can read his entries here

Rabbi Karen Soria
, a resident of Ottawa, Ontario – has been Temple Shalom’s parttime rabbi since 2008. She was ordained as a reform rabbi in 1981. The rabbi lived in Melbourne, Australia, for eight years, and then moved to Florida. There, she was the founding rabbi of the Bat Yam Temple. Rabbi Soria worked as a Navy chaplain for more than 11 years in the Okinawa Islands. In 2003, she moved to Norfolk, VA, where she served as base chaplain. After leaving the military, she worked in British Columbia before moving to Winnipeg. She maintains bar and bat mitzvah classes, other adult education, and has started a chesed committee. You can read her posts here.

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